Nicaragua Hotels and Accommodations

Hotels in Nicaragua grew during the last decade in quantity, quality, diversity and services.  You can find both international chains known throughout the world as well as hotels run by local families. Incredible resorts on the shores of the sea or Ecolodges on the Island of Ometepe, you can also stay in German-style cabins in the famous Black Forest, located in Matagalpa as well as small cabins located on unexplored beaches such as Ostional and others.

In the famous colonial cities such as Granada and Leon you can stay in old convents or colonial houses that formed a great part of the history of Nicaragua. In all you will find a great smile from the staff and an excellent service that will allow you to enjoy even more your stay. See the options we have for you!

Granada Hotels and Accommodations

The City of Granada is one of the oldest cities in the western hemisphere. It is still located on the same site where it was found, next to the indigenous community of Xalteva, on a beautiful plain that sits along the banks of Cocibolca Lake, at the foot of the Mombacho volcano.

Leon Hotels and Accommodations

When  you walk the colonial streets of Leon, the daily life of this city will transport you to different moments in time.  Its colonial architecture will teach you about their origins an the most popular traditions. Each mural, each monument that honors our heroes and martyrs will reveal the revolutionary love and values that most Nicaraguans hold dear.   

Ometepe Hotels and Accommodations

Ometepe island is a unique endowment of two volcanoes and a lush nature that turn Ometepe into a natural wonder.  Its name comes from Nahuatl Ome (two) Tepetl (mount) or the place of two mountains. This beautiful island offers cultural tourism, ecotourism and adventure trips.

Managua Hotels and Accommodations

The Managua of the 21st century is a vibrant city, in constant evolution, with a new and beautiful aura. Located on the shore of Lake Managua or Xolotlan, this city has buildings of great historical and architectural value, lagoons that were sacred to the natives and sites of important archaeological value such as the footprints of Acahualinca. See the lodging options we have for you!