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Our Services

Welcome to Mesoamérica, we can help you on your travels with our wide variety of services. Tours: Want to enjoy...

Our Services

Welcome to Mesoamérica, we can help you on your travels with our wide variety of services.

Want to enjoy a full agenda of fun across different destinations? your travel experience can begin with our airport pickup service and then visit the Mayan temples of Tikal National Park, Lake Atitlán, one of the most valuable nature jewels in the region, or continue to Copán, the Paris of the Mayas and from there let’s get back to the road and visit the sand and beach of your preference.

Our set of tours includes hotel reservations and multilingual guides on nice bus transportation for your comfort. Hotel reservations Traveling with a predefined itinerary? just passing by? we can arrange your hotel reservations all over the region. Choose among our pre-selected high quality hotels to ensure a good experience.Seeking something special? eco-hotels? a cabin in the woods? luxury or all included hotels? we got that covered for you.

You are free to choose among the recommended options on our itinerary. Choose the one you like the most.

Car rentals:
Want to drive on your own? rent a car, if you need help with the streets then get a GPS with local maps covering streets and avenues. It doesn’t matter if you are crossing from the city to the mountains, we can also get you a 4×4 special car for your journey and adventure.

Airplane tickets:
Reserve your flight with us. Get a full service travel agenda or just the airplane tickets. Travel to other countries or reserve flights to Petén (Tikal and the Mayan Temples) or to Copán Ruinas and save time on your journey. Check our airplane tickets services and options.

Driver and transportation:
Too busy to drive? don’t worry, relax and we will get someone to handle that for you. Get a full service driver and transportation so you can take care of your work or travel experience. Don’t waste time looking for addresses or directions, the driver will handle that for you.

Bike rentals:
Spending some days at La Antigua Guatemala? Lake Atitlán, Panajachel or Quetzaltenango? get a bike, enjoy the clean air while moving around the city streets and trails. Want a mountain bike tour? sure we can also help you with that, contact us. Rent a bike or get a mountain bike tour.

Airport Pickup:
A Worry free service, just get off your plane and we will be waiting for you and then get you to the hotel of your choice, help you find one or even get back to the airport on when you leave the country. Just relax and enjoy the ride.