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Tours: Want to enjoy a full agenda of fun across different countries and destinations? your travel experience can begin with an airport pickup service and then visit the different options of tours and adventures we have for you!. 

Hotels: Traveling with a predefined itinerary? just passing by? we can arrange all your hotel reservations over the region. Choose among our pre-selected high quality hotels to ensure a good experience. Seeking something special? eco-hotels? a cabin in the woods? luxury or all included hotels? house rentals? we got that covered for you!.

Car Rentals: Prefer to drive on your own? rent a car or a motorcycle; if you need help with the streets, then we get you a GPS with local maps covering streets and avenues. It doesn’t matter if you are crossing from the city to the mountains, we can also get you a 4×4 car for your journey and adventure.  

Plane Tickets: Reserve your flights with us. Get a full service travel agenda or just the airplane tickets. Travel to other countries of the region and have access to all the domestic Airlines. Reserve flights to Petén (Tikal and the Mayan Temples), Roatan, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and more. Save time on your journey. Check our airplane tickets services and options.

Driver and Transportation: Too busy to drive? don’t worry, relax, we have professionals to handle that for you. Get a full service driver and transportation, so you just take care of your work or travel experience. Don’t waste time looking for addresses or directions, we handle that for you.

Airport Pick-up: A worry free service, just get off your plane and we will be waiting for you and get you to the place or hotel of your choice, even help you find one or get back to the airport when you leave. Just relax and enjoy the ride!.


Visiting Guatemala is a hard to describe experience, even with the help of images. How do you capture the smells of the jungle? How do you capture the singing of a winding river through the forest? How do you describe the majesty of the Mayan World? You will get back home with a lot of images but the best, the memories, will remain in your heart!

An Adventurer´s paradise and Mother Nature best kept secret, are two common descriptions used by visitors when speaking about Belize. It is a place that has been gifted with a plethora of natural attractions that will make your stay in Belize one of lifes´s great treats! Come and experience it by yourself!

Known for its friendly and hospitable people, Nicaragua is an exotic land of extraordinary natural beauty. Full of magnificent volcanoes, spectacular beaches, tropical forests, large lakes and colonial cities. Come and live all its splendor for yourself!

Feel Welcome to Costa Rica, that feeling of hospitality of its people is reflected in the hospitality of its people, in its warmth and smiles. Discover Costa Rica a paradise to admire landscapes, adventures or just relax. Visiting Costa Rica is an experience that will renew your spirit and that you will always remember!

Panama is much more than a Canal… much more. You will find what you want, since it is a cosmopolitan and natural country of pleasant surprises, you will never imagine the magnitude of what you would discover. Those who visit Panama had discovered things that challenge the imagination since Panama is something very special!

The Bay Islands offer a unique experience, and the most interesting facet is that each of the three islands is so very different from the other two. Take the time to visit and discover each of these jewels that are reputed to be some of the last true paradise islands in the western Caribbean!

Possessing a great wealth of history, culture, art, nature and tradition, Cuba is one of the most charming destinations in the world. The great American novelist Ernest Heminway, who lived the last twenty-two years of his life on the Island, his only and true stable residence, said that few cities equaled it in beauty. Discover them for yourself !.

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