Belize Hotels

With accommodations to suit any budget or style, Belize tops the list for travelers with a fondness for great vacations. Cozy hotels, intimate resorts and quaint guesthouse are excellent options that offer unique advantages.  Your trip to Belize is bound to be enjoyable, It´s about more than just a tropical climate, spectacular attractions and friendly locals.The myriad  of options available enhances a unique travel experience.

Lodgings run the gamut with everything from 5 star resort to large and small hotels, inns and guesthouses.  For visitors looking to discover the cultural and ecological diversity throughout Belize, there are campgrounds and participation in the Maya-Stay program. 

When it comes to selecting vacations, resorts, please don´t be misled by the term ¨small¨. We are speaking of resort properties in terms of rooms, not size or spaciousness.  Travelers will find that although smaller properties may have a limited number of rooms, they can be ¨big¨ on comfort and personal service.  

High on the list of advantages are things like variety, location, ambience and price – all primary considerations when planning a vacation.  Check our list and find your next stay accommodation in Belize!

Ambergris Caye Area Hotels

A delightful little island in the north of Belize just inside the barrier reef, Ambergris Caye is where the water is tempting, the breeze is seductive and the motto is ¨no shoes, no shirt, no problem!¨

Caye Caulker Area Hotels

The lure is magical in Caye Caulker, a picture-perfect getaway. Like ¨wish you were here¨ postcards, cool, soothing breezes, swaying palms, white sandy beaches and warm waters entice vacationers to this travel-poster scenic island. Caye Caulker is literally a footloose and fancy-free destination that will siphon the word stress right out of your vocabulary.

Belize City Area Hotels

Colorful and alive with Caribbean style hustle and bustle, Belize City is where it all starts and ends for many travelers who see the city first, after arriving at the international airport or from cruise ship arrival.

Dandriga & Hopkins Area Hotels

Primal yet civilized, Stann Creek is unlike any other part of Belize.  Home to the capital town of Dandriga and the quaint seaside village of Hopkins, this district is truly the most exotic.  Vacationers seeking pure relaxation can lounge about on the golden expanse of beach at Hopkins Village.

Mountain Pine Ridge and Belmopan Area Hotels

At Mountain Pine Ridge hundreds of forest-green pine trees kiss the sky, towering over nearly 300 square miles of breathtaking woodland crossed with clear, cool rivers and sheltering unusual flora, fauna, awe-inspiring waterfall and caves.

Orange Walk Area Hotels

With sugar being the major foreign exchange earner, Orange Walk, the breadbasket of Belize, has long been considered a sweet place. it is the pacesetter and a trailblazer in the country´s development. A popular day trip from the OrangeWalk District, the Maya site of Lamanai reveals stunning archaeological remains.

Placencia Area Hotels

Sugar white beaches that stretch for miles, the best slice of  sand and surf in all of Belize, are a welcome mat for visitors seeking relaxation, fun in the surf water sports and intriguing inland adventures.  Once a sleepy fishing outpost, today spectacular Placencia sometimes called Placentia, is a unique tropical oasis.

Punta Gorda Area Hotels

Southern Belize, steeped in thousands of years of Maya tradition, is the most sparsely populated and pristine areas of the country.  Cradled by mountains, jungle and sea, its garden of Eden mystique piques your curiosity, encourages your spirit of wanderlust and rolls out the welcome mat to high adventure.

San Ignacio Area Hotels

Cayo is nature´s call of the wild, offering visitors a window to the world of jagged mountain peaks that paint the sky, thick forested jungle and immense temples shrouded in mystery.  Canoeing, kayaking, swimming and tubing on the Macal´s emerald waters are popular pastimes.


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