Belize Waterfalls

Belize Rivers

Golden sunlight reflects off of emerald waters, gentle currents ripple gracefully on winding rivers and under limestone passageways as canoers, kayakers and tubers glide along these glistening waterways. Belize River is a cool, refreshing waters rush from the headlands, following their natural paths across the countryside to meet the distant sea…

Any direction in which you´re headed will eventually lead to one of Belize´s many rivers. The wind and weave through the country like blue-green threads against a tapestry of multicolored terrain. Rivers provide many resources and serve as a source of recreation for locals and visitors alike. Boats of all shapes and sizes ply the tranquil waters that host adventurers and sightseers, birders and photographers. Rivers unveil Mother Nature in her purest form. They’re an endless flow of fun, relaxation, and discovery.

Until a few decades ago, rivers were the primary means of transportation in Belize. There were no roads to speak of. When logging was prominent, rivers were alive with timber. Giant logs flowed downstream to the mills below. Settlers carefully navigated the rivers, finding their way to new horizons. Today, rivers still play an integral role in moving people and abetting industry. However, people are mostly visitors, not colonists. And the industry is tourism, not logwood and mahogany. A network of pristine rivers provides a multitude of activities such as tubing, rafting, canoeing, fish- and birding.

Queen of the waterway the Belize River is a lush river entering from Guatemala. It winds 175 miles east through Belize City. Fishing on the river provides opportunities to catch tarpon as far as 25 miles into the interior. Smaller in size but equally impressive is the Manatee River. The Manatee teems with snook, tarpon, jewfish and cubera snapper.

Sittee River, south of Hopkins, is the habitat for a host of wildlife. Among its inhabitants are everything from egrets and iguanas to blue herons and turtles. The Sibun River brandes through crystal caves. Those who tour through these otherworldly underground passages are fanatically preserving them, allowing visitors an exhilarating experience not possible in many other places.

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Explore another dimension on river trips to Maya sites. Lamanai (“submerged crocodile”) on the New River Lagoon is one such site accessible by river. Cruising the New River from Orange Walk and Corozal provides birders with some of the best opportunities in all of Central America. Down Monkey River is home to even more howler monkeys than the famed Baboon Sanctuary. Guided tours with MAYANTRAVEL leave daily from Placencia.

Birds, howler monkeys, iguanas and water turtles (hicatees) are companions on waterborne excursions down the Sarstoon and Temash rivers in the far southern reaches of the Toledo District. The Macal and Mopan are popular for canoeing. Birds, reptiles, and mammals are abundant. Guides point out the huge garobo (bright-orange male iguanas) sunning themselves in trees lining the riverbanks. Rafting on the upper reaches of the Macal River will have you paddling your way down roaring whitewater rapids past jungle waterfalls and unexpected.! Stay alert and enjoy your trip with MayanTravel we offer river trips and provide excellent guides to keep your trip fun, safe and rewarding!

Tubing in Belize Rivers