Guatemala Hotels

Guatemala offers an inexhaustible amount of options to stay during your visit. From romantic boutique hotels in Antigua Guatemala to ecological cabins in the cloud forest of Tikal National Park.

Enjoy the black sand beaches in the Pacific Coast, admire Lake Atitlan, the most beautiful in the world from your balcony, and many more places that will be an enjoyable experience to rest and take a pleasant surprise when you wake up.  

Check our list of options, choose the one that appeals to you and contact us to send you more details of availability and information!.

Antigua Guatemala is one of the most charming and interesting places in Latin America. Imagine waking up in a place with so much history that some nights will not be enough for you to explore it, but a few hours would be enough to fall in love and marvel with it. Awakening in a place like this with so much history and charm, its possible during your next visit to Antigua Guatemala. Explore our options and make your reservation with us. Let’s go!

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lake Atitlan and its surroundings offer an unparalleled framework of nature, tranquility and culture in which you can rest and enjoy this beauty of nature and also the history, culture and adventures that surround it. Choose some of our multiple options and enjoy your trip!

Hidden in the tropical forest of Peten, is one of the Mayan State Cities that stood out during its apogee.  Tikal National Park is an experience that will take your breath away and make you travel through time. Imagine being awakened by the calls of toucans and the howls of monkeys that are on your roof early in the morning. Live an experience in which you can rest in the rainforest next to one of the most important stages in the history of mankind. Check all our options and make your reservation through us!

Guatemala City is the political and business center of the country, it is the neuralgic center of movement, such as International Airport, banking centers, world-class shopping centers and other attractions. There is also the Historical Center of the city with a lot of history that goes back to the founding of the City until the independence of the country. If you want to know both facets of the same city, the modern and the historical, you can choose to rest in one of our many options in Guatemala City. Check your options!

Exuberant and natural the Rio Dulce and Guatemalan Caribbean are a unique place full of resources and unique places as well as its mixture of the indigenous descendants, Africans and Spaniards that live in the place. The natural wealth is unmatched; beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and exotic cultures and history are the framework for your stay in this area. Come and enjoy your stay!.

Imagine, exuberant, natural, impressive, crystalline, all those adjectives are short when describing Las Verapaces, Coban and Semuc Champey. Clear and magical water of pools that nature formed for you, waiting for you, draft brave rivers that will accelerate your adrenaline, hikes in mysterious and exciting caves that will make your day. This and more is Las Verapaces, Coban and Semuc Champey area, visit it, rest in it and renew your energies in nature!

The Pacific coast of Guatemala has an infinite list of activities for you. The great volcanic black sand beach on the Pacific coast, contrasting with the blue waters of the ocean is an unbeatable place to rest, surf, fish, dive, participate in the release of turtles and other ecological activities that will make your visit and stay in the Pacific of Guatemala something you will always remember!

more interesting hotels and accommodations to stay!

Guatemala has many places to visit and discover a few days will not be enough, but you can see much of an incomparable place like this. In addition to the most notable places described above here we have more options to rest and visit. Chichicastenango, Huehuetenango, Xela and many places with a lot of beautiful hotels and accommodations that are waiting for you!


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