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Lake Atitlan


Welcome to Guatemala, the land of volcanoes, cloud forest and the resplendent Quetzal. From coast to coast, Guatemala is a country full of unexpected adventures and the vital experience of visiting a natural paradise. You will find and abundance of eco-systems, mystical Maya Cities and a country rich in heritage, folklore and culture. The experience of traveling through Guatemala is one you won’t soon forget.      

Of course you intent on seeing as much of the country as possible, will be pleased with all the possibilities available. You’ll find lots of interesting activities to keep you busy in Guatemala, as you visit museums devoted to Guatemala’s Maya culture or colonial Spanish history, tour the ruins of archaeological sites, hike in pristine tropical forest, raft down rapids of crystalline rivers, study Spanish in one of Guatemala’s outstanding Spanish schools, listen to the happy rhythms of the marimba, or shop for unique crafts in the country’s many colorful markets. 

Wherever you go, you will find smiling, friendly people who are very proud of their exceptional country and happy to tell you more about it.

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