Mayan Travel introduce you to one of the world’s most fascinating countries, a place of breathtaking geological, ecological and cultural contrasts. In Guatemala, emerald-green volcanoes stand watch over the cobblestone streets and adobe houses of sleepy towns, over azure lakes plied by fishermen in dugout canoes. Highlands villages nestle in valleys of the Sierra Madre mountain range, tilled by Guatemala’s  Maya people for more than 4,000 years. In the lowland´s rain forest, the ruins of great Maya cities such as Tikal are home to toucans, monkeys and jaguars, while the Resplendent Quetzal, Guatemala’s national bird, thrives in mountainous cloud forests.

You’ll find lots of interesting activities to keep you busy in Guatemala, as you visit museums devoted to Guatemala’s Maya culture or colonial Spanish history, tour the ruins of archaeological sites, hike in pristine tropical forest, raft down rapids of crystalline rivers, study Spanish in one of Guatemala’s outstanding Spanish schools, listen to the happy rhythms of the marimba, or shop for unique crafts in the country’s many colorful markets. Wherever you go, you will find smiling, friendly people who are very proud of their exceptional country and happy to tell you more about it.

Many of the archaeological sites and natural areas in Guatemala have been declared world monuments by the United Nations, due to their unique importance to humanity. In Guatemala, you have the opportunity to see and learn about people and places unlike any others on the face of the planet. The country has played a unique role in the history of the world, as the center of Maya civilization and as the capital of one of the three most important Spanish territories in the Americas. That legacy lives on in the traditions and languages of Guatemala’s Maya people and in the Spanish traditions of towns like Antigua Guatemala.

Despite its tremendous diversity, Guatemala’s relatively small size makes it easy for visitors to see much of the country in only a few days. The country is well-…the land of eternal Spring and the heart of the Maya world! prepared to receive guests, with excellent highways, hotels, restaurants and tours. While it would take many lifetimes to see and understand all of Guatemala, you will obtain an excellent overview in just a week or two, and can identify the places you’d like to spend more time exploring on your next trip!