Lake Atitlan Hotels and Accommodations

Lake Atitlan named as the most beautiful in the world according to Aldous Huxley is an exquisite blend of nature, culture, mysticism and relaxation. Imagine waking up seeing the most beautiful lake in the world from the window of your room?

Check the list of hotels we have for you and decide where you want to rest during your visit to Lake Atitlan and explore and discover the beauties that surround it!

This is what a hotel in the tropics is all about. Palm roofs, beautiful gardens, poolside service; this is it.  Hotel Dos Mundos, “Two Worlds”, is the result of an effort to make Lake Atitlan your Guatemalan-Italian home!

The Hotel Cacique Inn is one of the pioneers in the hotel industry in the Lake Altitlan area. It is a colonial haven of tranquility and nature close to the most beautiful lake in the world.